About Us


Established in 2000, Blue Swallow is a Cape Town based company that designs and manufactures quality caterware, displayware and tableware for the catering, hospitality and retail industries, and also for outdoor and home use.

Our product range includes bowls, platters, trays and domes. Made from high-grade materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS & PETG, our products are durable, functional, affordable, attractive, lightweight, stackable and easy to clean. Our products will keep on looking good as they are non-yellowing, stain and scratch resistant. What’s more, our products travel well.

Personal service and attention to detail are important to us. We therefore invite you to contact us to discuss your catering and related needs. We also design and manufacture need-specific items according to your specifications.

Our products are manufactured in Cape Town. We deliver to clients countrywide.


What is it made of?
Blue Swallow manufactures a wide range of products using high-grade material’s. A unique feature of these materials is its ability to be shaped into just about any form. All material is pre-inspected to ensure that the final products that we manufacture are free from defects and conform to our clients’ exacting requirements.

Acrylic and heat
Any hot food can be served in acrylic serveware. It is also safe to use in microwave ovens, but only for reheating and warming. Our products are resistant to cold temperatures. However, acrylic cannot be used in conventional hot ovens. Dishwasher cleaning agents and heat will cause acrylic plastic to “craze” (develop fine lines or hairline cracks) over a long period of time but polycarbonate products are dishwasher safe on the top rack on low, normal and regular cycles.


Our approach to business
Blue Swallow is a values-driven company focused on excellent client service, quality products and efficient processes. For our clients this translates into dealing with a company that has the people, know-how, experience and responsibility to deliver.

It all starts with happy employees. That is why our ability to deliver is also underpinned by our culture of caring for employees. Fair remuneration, ongoing training, acknowledgement, and fostering a spirit of teamwork and innovation form part of this.

Blue Swallow’s sustainability strategies include the implementation of good corporate governance and also safety, health and environmental best practice in all aspects of our work.

Our values

  • Committed
  • Client-oriented
  • Transparent
  • Passionate
  • Ethical
  • Innovative

Our social responsibility
Blue Swallow is involved in various social engagement initiatives. This includes donations to St Luke’s Hospice, Red Cross Hospital, Fedics Chef of the Year competition, the NSRI and Netcare Chef of the Year competition.


Blue Swallow’s clients include caterers, retailers, hospitals, industrial caterers, suppliers, catering suppliers, restaurants, the hospitality industry, corporates, schools, outdoor enthusiasts, home users and others.


The overall impression that our caterware, displayware and tableware create is one of quality, convenience and attractiveness. Our products are designed and manufactured to comply with Blue Swallow’s stringent quality standards and internal control systems.

We pride ourselves on service that is both professional and personal. We partner with our clients and invest in long-term business relationships to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our communication is clear and our turnaround times are quick.

Our products are mainly used by the catering and hospitality industries (professional, corporate and private caterers, restaurants, delis) and retail industries although we have a growing client base of outdoor enthusiasts and home users.

Made from high-grade material, our products are strong yet lightweight. We use moulded plastic that is clear and transparent, turning our products into an excellent substitute for glass. They are also impact, stain, odour and scratch-resistant, stackable and seamless. All our products are 100% recyclable and are up to 17 times stronger than glass. Our products are extremely weatherable and have a high UV resistance. Our products are low maintenance and have a long life span, contributing to being used over and over again for many years. This makes our products ideal for caterers who need to transport food and serveware to serve people off-site.

Acrylic is many times stronger than glass. Acrylic is also much more impact-resistant and safer to use. Being cell-cast, our products have no “seams” in which food particles can lodge – which makes them more hygienic and easier to clean. Also, food and beverage containers manufactured from polycarbonate do not pose a health risk to humans.

Our products are competitively priced. Our products are also far more cost-effective than similar products made from glass, ceramics or stainless steel.

We manufacture bowls, platters, trays, domes and various other serveware and tableware items in various sizes. We also customise products for clients.

Our products are quite a dish! They resemble glass or ceramics in terms of appearance. Yet, they are much lighter and more affordable. The colours are weather and sunlight resistant.

Because they are lighter that glass or ceramics and more durable, our products are easy to stack and to transport for easier off-site catering and outdoor use.

Our products are hygienic, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Hand-washing is the best way to clean acrylic and polycarbonate products although they are dishwasher-safe. In the dishwasher, use the top rack only on low, normal or regular dishwasher cycles as higher temperatures will cause cracks.

Blue Swallow’s products are proudly manufactured in Cape Town. By buying our products, you are supporting local manufacturing and sustainable job creation for South Africans.