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INT9100 – Third Insert Stainless Steel 0.6mm

 Third Insert Stainless Steel 0.6mm



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Product Description

Heavy Duty – 0.08mm

Light Duty – 0.06mm

Rounded edges, Anti-Jam System

Lids are interchangeable

Additional Range:

Third Inserts – 0.06mm – 325x176mm

INT9100                INSERT S/STEEL (VALUE) -THIRD 100mm (I)

INT9150                INSERT S/STEEL (VALUE)- THIRD 150mm (I)

INT9001                INSERT S/STEEL (VALUE) -THIRD LID (I)

Third Inserts – 0.08mm – 325x176mm

INT2100                INSERT S/STEEL-THIRD 100mm (I)

INT2150                INSERT S/STEEL-THIRD 150mm (I)

INT2065                INSERT S/STEEL-THIRD 65mm (I)

INT2001                INSERT S/STEEL-THIRD LID (I)